Secondary Teacher - Maths DSB International School India

London, LND

Teach in India!

DSB International School is looking for an enthusiastic and committed Secondary Teacher in Maths,  for the academic year 2023/24. 

Job Specific Requirements

  • Line manager Learning Leader of Mathematics
  • The secondary teacher is responsible for delivering Mathematics to students in all grades from 6 - 12 as required.
  • They are responsible for planning and assessment for all their classes in line with the written curriculum including two formal exam sessions per grade level per year. 
  • They are expected to fulfil the role as either the form teacher, or as a personal tutor for some students in grades 9 - 12. 
  • They are expected to participate in weekly departmental meetings. 
  • They will be called upon to invigilate a fair share of IGCSE and IB Diploma mock and final exams.

Essential Requirements

  • Valid teaching qualification (PGCE or equivalent)
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • IBDP or A-level experience

Salary and Benefits


  • Salary range: Net salaries in the range of 1740 to 2630 USD /per month 
  • (Local salary scale: 50 000 - 1.3 lac rupees CTC pcm)
  • Accommodation for international staff only is provided free of charge within two km of the campus at which you are based or mostly based. For staff at Euro Campus this may be above the school and comes with access to the school pool. Garden Campus is located in the verdant Breach Candy locality which is very much the old exclusive suburb of south Mumbai. Euro Campus is in the hustle and bustle of Lower Parel, a booming area with many upmarket facilities.
  • Return flights economy class tickets are provided annually by the school to your home country.
  • Visa and visa extension costs are reimbursed by the school. The school organises and manages registration with the FRRO and visa extensions within India. 
  • Relocation; We have a 100 000 INR relocation allowance that the staff member may use either moving to Mumbai or at the end of their contract.
  • Contract renewal: After two years, international teachers will receive an annual contract renewal bonus of 50 000 INR

 Health insurance is provided up to 400 000 INR per annum. This is sufficient for a short hospital stay and operation. We do encourage and help staff take out additional cover which is available at very good rates.

  • Health costs: Money can be advanced for health expenses against a 60 000 INR health allowance paid annually in March.
  • Loans Staff may borrow up to three times their monthly salary in cases of emergency.

Job Details

  • Start Date: August, 2023
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • All teachers are expected to comply with and abide by all policies and practices outlined in the staff handbook.
  • The maximum contracted contact hours for teachers is 30 x 45 minute lessons per week.
  • All teachers are expected to ensure that their planning in line with the DSB curriculum, is recorded on the planning tool Atlas.
  • All teachers may be required to provide cover for absent staff as designated as fairly as possible by the Head of Section.
  • All teachers at DSB are expected to stay up to date with their child protection training.
  • All teachers at DSB are expected to actively contribute to child safeguarding by complying with the school code of conduct and always being mindful of student well being and health and safety.
  • All teachers at DSB are expected to support the school’s policy and practice as outlined in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • All teachers meet parents twice a year in Parent, Student teacher meetings (in Secondary) to provide direct feedback to the parents and student about progress.
  • All teachers provide written reports on the curricular progress child at the end of terms 1 and 3
  • All staff actively engage in the school professional development opportunities and in weekly whole school/section staff and departmental meetings. 
  • All teachers are expected to offer at least two genuine opportunities for extra-curricular activities per academic year.
  • All teachers are expected to do their fair share of duties in line with the duty roster. 
  • All teachers are expected to have attended some after school events such as performances during the year and all teachers participate in sports day.

About DSB International School

DSB International School is a small values-based school. It is very important to us that teachers are the right fit for our community. Not all good teachers fit in all good schools. As such, the most important thing for us is that you meet our teacher profile articulated below to ensure we have an harmonious staff that contributes to the holistic development of the students.

As such our teachers are:


Encouraged to come up with ideas and suggestions and actively contribute to school  initiatives as identified by the school development plan.


Expected to be able to work as a team and to look for opportunities to collaborate with each other and, where relevant, outside partners, locally, nationally and internationally, for the benefit of the students, school or their own personal development.


Expected to look at activities that they have done and evaluate impact, effectiveness and success and to suggest improvements; they do not blame others for their own or joint failings.


Able to understand that every individual is of equal value as a human being and act accordingly. We do not pull rank on colleagues; we are mindful of the feelings of others - especially students; we do not rush to judgement. We act in accordance with the Diversity and Inclusion Policy ensuring voice and representation to all.


Encouraged to come up with new ideas or suggestions and take advantage of the ‘can do’ culture of the school to innovate.


Able to work without too much guidance and will take the initiative and will provide leadership because we are a small school which believes in encouraging and empowering teacher agency.


Able to modify and adapt to changing circumstances without stress, be able to work with uncertainty and see others’ point of view.


Able to make others feel comfortable and trusting; they are honest about their strengths and weaknesses, are not perfect and do not think they should try to pretend to be.


Sufficiently knowledgeable to teach their subject at the appropriate level in line with the DSB Curriculum and they bring a love of knowledge that extends beyond the syllabus, that enhances the learning experience for students and colleagues.


In possession of the job specific and interpersonal skills needed for their role. They are expected to craft exciting stimulating learning opportunities for students that effectively deliver the content and the attributes of the DSB Curriculum.


In possession of a strong and positive self-image that enables them to engage with all stakeholders on an equal footing; they are able to lead on learning and projects instilling confidence and trust in learners and colleagues, and are able to advocate for themselves, speak to senior management with honesty, and not afraid to make mistakes; they communicate effectively and are assertive.


Able to understand that their outlook impacts on others; they appreciate the importance of a positive outlook on successful outcomes. We want teachers who can identify solutions to problems and not problems with solutions! A DSB teacher has a positive outlook on life, and is happy to come to work every day.

Internationally minded

Aware that cultural differences exist and has strategies to address these; appreciates the validity of other cultures than their own; does not try to impose their home culture on the culture of the school, but sees in it the continuum of diverse perspectives. A DSB teacher knows the difference between higher skill level and cultural superiority and is able where necessary, to deliver this message. A DSB teacher is respectful of the culture they live in and those of the other stakeholders and is able to embed their teaching in local and global contexts. 

Teaching in India at DSB International School

DSB is a non selective co-educational and genuinely international school. Approximately 40% of the teaching staff and 50% of the students have international passports. We were originally a German School and elements of this heritage are preserved to date including the fact most learners learn German as a foreign language.

Classes are small, ranging in Secondary from 5 to 18 students. This means that staff get to know the students very well. Consequently planning and teaching can be more manageably personalised and differentiated to meet the needs of individuals and small groups. Classes are mixed-ability and there is one class per year group. At IB DP we offer three mathematics courses: AA HL and SL and AI SL. At IGCSE we offer, Additional Mathematics, International Mathematics and Mathematics. In grades 6 - 8 we follow the English National Curriclum.